Saturday, July 11, 2020

Get paid $8,700 to find empty lots - Part 2

Yesterday, Jerry told you how to make $8,700 in as little as 30 days finding empty lots.

Today, Jerry explains WHY he will pay you $8,700 instead of finding them himself.

There are TWO big reasons…

Reason #1:

I am busy… really busy. I’m out there “in the trenches” getting my hands dirty… doing deals, flipping houses, coaching students, and building new homes. I simply don’t have the time to find all the good empty lots out there.

Reason #2:

My profits on these deals allow me to pay out $8,700 and STILL make money on my end. I came up with $8,700 as a good average “fee” to pay out to my lot finders.

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Hurry… I may stop accepting new “lot finders” soon.

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