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DAC Simple and Fast Business Loans

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Top 24 Questions from beginner Real Estate Investors ~ What is the best ...

The following are the top 24 questions beginner Real Estate Investors ask. We answer these questions and more in this video.

Top 24 Questions from beginner Real Estate Investors.

1. How do I get a loan for real estate investing?

2. What is the best loan for an investment property?

3. Should you borrow money to invest in real estate?

4. Where do real estate investors get their money?

5. What type of loan do I need for a rental property?

6. What is the current interest rate for an investment property?

7. Do you have to put 20 down on investment property?

8. How can I get an investment property with no money down?

9. How do I find a private investor for real estate?

10. How do I get my first real estate deal?

11. How do you get rich in real estate?

12. How many loans can I get for rental properties?

13. Is it hard to get a loan for a rental property?

14. How many loans can I get for rental properties?

15. Is it hard to get a loan for a rental property?

16. How much can I borrow investment property?

17. What is the current interest rate?

18. Is it better to have a mortgage on a rental property?

19. How do I buy a second investment property?

20. Can rental properties make you rich?

21. Can I get 100% financing on an investment property?

22. Can I buy a multifamily home with no money down?

23. Can you get a 30-year loan on an investment property?

24. Can an LLC take out a mortgage?

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors

Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors.

Quick closings and competitive rates.

Our Network Partner is one of Florida's top Private Hard Money lenders.

Our Network Partner specializes in helping seasoned and beginner real estate investors by providing short-term mortgage solutions to acquire, flip, rehab, or refinance commercial properties in Florida and all across the United States.

  • Loan Amount: $150,000 – $50,000,000.
  • Terms: 12 months to 30 years.
  • LTV: up to 80%.
  • Amortization: Up to 30 years.
  • Interest Rate: Starting at 7%.
  • Closing time: 2 to 4 Weeks.
  • Origination fee: 2% to 6%.
  • Lien position: First only.
  • States Available: All 50 US States
  • Foreign nationals qualify.
  • Low Credit and tax issues are not a problem.
  • Payments: Interest-only monthly payments, or fully amortized periods.

Contact us to learn how The Buy-Sell Network can help you get the financing needed to expand your investment property portfolio.

Click Here to use our Pre-Qualification tool to find out if you qualify for a hard money loan.

Have a question?  Please feel free to call office at 615-489-4587 or use our Contact Form:

Flip And Fix Real Estate Investor Loans

Fix And Flip Real Estate Investor Loans.

The Buy-Sell Network Partner's Advantage.

  • Quick Closings And Competitive Rates.
  • All Types of Credit Accepted.
  • Fast Closing & Minimal Paperwork.
  • Our Network Partner Deals Directly with the owners.
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges.
  • Great rates.

Commercial Loan Types:

  • Rehab and Construction. FLIPS.
  • Buy and Hold.
  • Investment Property.
  • Bridge Loan.

Approved Structure Types:


  • 1-4 unit non-owner occupied. 


  • 5+ Units.
  • Mixed-use: 
  • Retail plus apartments.
  • Retail.
  • Office buildings.
  • Hospitality.
  • Self-storage.
  • Warehouse.
  • Vacant Land.

Our Network Partner does not finance owner-occupied residential rehab projects.


We can custom-structure your loan to fit your needs best.

Loan Amounts $150,000 to $50,000,000.

Credit Requirements: 

  • Credit and income are examined but not a primary consideration.

Interest Rates: 

  • 7-14%.

Points: 1-5 points.

Paperwork Required: 

  • We dislike paperwork as much as you; however, different states require different levels of documentation.

  • Borrower Experience Required? No! Bankruptcy Issues: Usually, not a problem. LTV: 70%-80%.


  • Not usually a consideration.

Preapproval letters: 

  • Our Network Partner will be more than happy to provide after a completed application has been submitted.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Healthcare Finance

Healthcare Finance

Your focus is on delivering the highest quality of care while dealing with slower insurance reimbursements, mandatory equipment, and technology upgrades and increased regulation.

You deserve a lender that knows these challenges you face and can provide healthcare practice financing and medical office financing tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Network Partners financing programs specifically designed to meet your unique needs and fit into your demanding schedule.

Our loan programs are flexible and focused on speed and convenience to make your lending experience as seamless as possible.

Pre-qualify today by clicking on the Pre-qualification link:

This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

Cannabis Business Loans

Cannabis Business Loans

We welcome all types of Cannabis businesses: Cannabis & Hemp Growers, Marijuana-Infused Products, Cannabis Accessories, Online Stores, Wholesale, Medical Marijuana products.

Apply Online Today:

Transportation Financing ~ Commercial Transporting Financing

Transportation Financing

Obtain the financing you need to buy or lease commercial trucks, trailers, buses, limousines, taxis, ambulances, and specialty vehicles.

We provide commercial loans for owner-operators and truck dealers.

With our loan program, you can buy, lease, or repair any vocational or long-haul trucks:

Buy a new or used truck.

Lease a new or used truck.

Repair or upgrade a truck you own.

Business Loan Pre-Qualifier:

Dental Practice Financing

Dental Practice Financing

We understand that your patients are always expecting the best equipment, well-trained staff, and prompt solutions— with a financial partner such as our Network Partner, that specializes in Dental practice Loans, you can meet all these demands.

We offer financial solutions for dental clinics. With competitive rates that start at 2%, loan amounts ranging from $20,000 to $5,000,000, and short or long terms.

Get started today by calling Chet with The Buy-Sell Network at 615-489-4857, or start an online loan application. It won’t affect your credit score.

Let our professional team help you reach your goals with our quick loan process, 24-hour approval and funding up to $5,000,000 in as fast as 3 days.

Apply Now:

Cloud, Mountain, Smoke ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Cloud, Mountain, Smoke ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Cloud, Mountain, Smoke - #Cloud #Mountain #Smoke #Nature #Landscape #Sky #Dark #18361

Aerial, Aerial Shot 4K ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Aerial, Aerial Shot 4K ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Aerial, Aerial Shot, Clouds, Dawn, Daylight, Dusk, Fog, 4K - #Aerial #AerialShot #Clouds #Dawn #Daylight #Dusk #Fog #4K #18390

Golden Gate Bridge ~ 4K ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Golden Gate Bridge ~ 4K ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Golden Gate Bridge - #GoldenGateBridge #Fog #Foggy #Bridge #SanFrancisco#18392

Landmarks, Cities ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Landmarks, Cities ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Landmarks, Cities - #Landmarks #Cities #Skylines #AerialReels #Town #18388

Fog, Smoke, White, Nature, 4K ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Fog, Smoke, White, Nature, 4K ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Fog, Smoke, White, Nature 4K - #4K #Fog #Smoke
Fog, Smoke, White, Nature, 4K, Clouds, Smoking, Cloudy, 18391, free download, creative commons

Birch, Autumn, Trees ~ 4K ~ Free Download ~ Creative Commons

Birch, Autumn, Trees 4K Free Download Creative Commons

#4K #Birch #Autumn #Trees

Nature, Forest, Birch Trees, 18420, free download, creative commons

Ferris Wheel FREE Download, Creative Commons

Ferris Wheel FREE Download, Creative Commons

Ferris Wheel - #FerrisWheel #Architecture #Cityscape

Ferris Wheel, Architecture, Cityscape, District, 18386, Free download, Creative Commons

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Construction Finance For Builders

Construction Finance For Builders from The Buy-Sell Network on Vimeo.

Construction and House Renovations

An increase in construction and house renovations not only in the United States but also all over the world has led to the rise in the number of construction companies.

However, demand in this industry is seasonal. Therefore, building businesses experience significant dips in working capital.

Construction businesses may incur expenses on labor and supplies for a project before they get paid in full, even during busy seasons.

Construction finance for builders is one of the many challenges construction companies face.

Access to funds is usually a deciding factor between companies that thrive in the construction sector and those firms that fail.

Construction firms should have a ready source of funding to help them keep their bills paid and give them the advantage of taking up opportunities when they arise.

How to use construction business loans.

A business construction loan used to help business owners to take up a new opportunity and take care of day-to-day expenses such as:

  • Buying or replacing damaged supplies.
  • Training new workers.
  • Managing cash flow.
  • Expanding and upgrading the firm’s facilities.
  • Creating new marketing materials.
The benefits of getting a business construction loan

You require working capital to enable you to take on more construction work. Here are the advantages of obtaining financing for construction companies:

Make payroll consistently. Your employees are not likely to leave your company for other jobs since they know they paid on time.

  • Keep material costs low to maximize profits. When you have cash on hand, you have the purchase and bargaining power. You can negotiate with vendors to enjoy discounts and special pricing for fast payment.
  • Enjoy getting land and public-sector jobs. Most public sector projects include minority-owned, incentives, and mandates to hire local women-owned subcontractors. Construction companies that are in those groups assured of landing more jobs if they have enough working capital.
  • Negotiate better pricing from subcontractors. Contractors are likely to offer you the best rates if they know you will pay them. Therefore, you stand a better position if you have access to working capital than construction companies with limited finances.

Sources of construction funding.

Financing is an essential aspect of every construction company. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the financing options available to enable you to choose the most suitable investment option. Here are familiar funding sources for construction firms.

Equipment leasing.

Your business can free up some cash to take care of operating expenses by leasing construction equipment. Additionally, the entire lease payment is usually considered a deductible business expense. You can arrange to lease for most construction equipment. However, sometimes it can be an expensive option, and it has long-term effects on the ownership of the equipment.

Bank line of credit.

A bank line of credit is an ideal form of financing for construction firms. The advantage of this funding option is that construction firms enjoy low-cost access to cash anytime they need it. However, the downside of this option is that small firms face challenges obtaining a line of credit from a traditional bank.

Equity financing.

Some construction firms have the option of selling an ownership stake to get operating capital. However, sometimes it takes a long time to find a potential partner to invest in your business. Most constructions firms fear to take on an equity partner because they will dilute the firm’s share of profits. Additionally, the firm might have to give up on some operational control of the firm.

Small business administration (SBA)backed loans

Small business management does not typically include loan money to construction companies. Instead, they give a partial assurance to approved creditors. SBA-backed loans offer reasonable interest rates as well as business-friendly repayment terms. Your business will be required to provide personal collateral, as it is the norm for all secured bank loans. Unfortunately, approval rates of SBA-backed loans are low as a result of relatively strict underwriting requirements.

Business credit card.

A business card is a personal credit card that contains the business name on it. It is a useful source of short-term financing for the company’s supplies and materials. However, the financing cost of this option can be high, and the owner’s credit limit usually restricts the usage.

Alternative financing.

Alternative business loans and revenue-based funding are usually available. The best part about alternative financing is that it provides funds quickly with minimal paperwork. The cost of alternative financing is generally higher than other options. However, the options are better than conventional bank loans, which are relatively inaccessible.

Revenue-based financing.

It is not a loan. Revenue-based financing is a financing agreement where a construction firm agrees to sell a portion of its future revenue at a fixed discount. The option can provide $50,000 to $250,000 in funding in exchange for a share of the company’s future business revenue.

Your construction company can choose any of the above financing options to get working capital. Accessing construction business loans should no longer be complicated or time-consuming. The financing options provide peace of mind knowing that you have access to the funds you require.

Scheduled maintenance and servicing is one thing, but there are many occasions when unexpected eventualities crop up relating to the critical tools of business – the trucks. A trucking company must always have a source of funds or credit lines to remain afloat.

Cost-saving technology.

As part of modernizing trucking fleets, there is an anti-collision sensor system that mitigates head-on collisions that bring about the unwanted loss of property and lives.

Technology also comes as an incentive to the drivers as a safety measure in addition to good pay and guaranteeing them loans for truckers.

Money when you need it.

Part of the power of money is to have it when you need it. An institution offering trucking business loans serves a meaningful purpose if they cut the red tape and avail the required funds in good time or just when they are needed.

Click Here for our Online Application.

Healthcare Finance

Healthcare Finance from The Buy-Sell Network on Vimeo.

Hire us to work for you.  We provide loans for healthcare . . . 

And social services businesses

Get the funds you need for new medical equipment or working capital.  We provide Small Business Loans that can help your healthcare company.

Businesses in the healthcare and social services industries rely on payments from insurance agencies for their revenue.  It can mean a delay when receiving payments. A small business loan from our Network Partners can keep you going.

We specialize in loan programs that include low-interest rates that start at 9%, attractive terms, and amounts from $20,000 to $5,000,000.

Find out more about the loan options we have for you.

Start our Pre-qualification application today!

Or talk to one of our specialists about the loan options we have for you.

Or you may call me direct at 615-489-4857

We facilitate access to working capital to a wide range of medical businesses, from walk-in clinics to home health care services.

  1. Simple application process
  2. Fast approval, in as fast as 24 hours; a credit score is not the only factor
  3. Funding in as quick as 72 hours

We understand that as a healthcare professional, extra capital needed to keep the office running.  We want to be your #1 solution when you need a healthcare business loan.

Our healthcare loans are for the following medical practices for medical office financing:

  • Chiropractors.
  • Dentists
  • Oncologists.
  • Dermatologists.
  • Optometrists.
  • Orthopedics.
  • Orthodontists.
  • Podiatrists.
  • Gynecologists.
  • General Practitioners.

Small Business Loans Can Help Your Healthcare Company.

Providing top-notch patient-centered care is the primary focus of many healthcare practices.  However, the financial landscape for health practitioners has changed considerably over the last decade.

Previously, many traditional financing institutions such as banks offered extensions of credit to healthcare professionals without any hesitation.

The problem with this mindset is that the amount of funding that banks have set aside for small businesses has been steadily decreasing.  Additionally, the criteria for decision making have tightened up with newly added restrictions, and the timeframe from application to approval remains lengthy.

Traditional lending institutions vs. alternative lending sources.

Perks of financing with a conventional bank are longer repayment terms up to 10 years and fixed interest rates.  However, the application process is longer and involves tedious paperwork.  Commonly, most traditional lenders reject loans to healthcare professionals as well.

But, the process of applying for healthcare business loans from an alternative lending source is quick, requiring only a few minutes of your time, and just a few pieces of documentation are required.

Our priority is helping you understand small business loans.

We will let you know within minutes if your business qualifies for our different lending programs, and just within days, your business can receive its much-needed working capital.

You should think of healthcare business loans as tools, meaning each one has its intended use.

So, knowing your options is crucial, and based on your business goal may include:

  • Building purchases.
  • Working capital to ease fluctuations in cash flow.
  • Reduce or consolidate business debt.
  • Purchase medical equipment.
  • Marketing/growing your business.
  • You are adding additional staff.
  • Business acquisition.
  • Remodeling of your healthcare business.
  • The building of a new facility.
  • Medical office financing.
  • Healthcare practice financing.

Your healthcare practice is a business

It's no secret that the cash flow of healthcare practices, whether it be medical, dental, or veterinarian, is unpredictable and can be inconsistent.  It can take weeks or months for your patients or insurers to submit payment, which is beyond your control.  The timeframe between patient treatment and receipt of payment referred to as your business cycle. And, the longer this cycle, the harder it is to manage your cash. With limited capital, can your business run efficiently and deal with unexpected emergencies, such as equipment failure?

Borrowing can improve the strength of your business.

Each healthcare practice is unique, making it of significant importance that you choose the right loan type and the right lender to avoid borrowing in the wrong way. Unfortunately, indeed, many people in private practice aren't aware of what types of small business loans are available or which ones are the best for them.

Our Network Partner, lending professionals, knows the ins and outs of healthcare practice financing, and we will work by your side to determine which loan product is best to fund your needs. You might choose between the following loan programs:

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Equipment Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Small Business Loans
  • Short term business loans
  • Business lines of credit
  • Unsecured business loan

Your business will also have the benefit of unrestricted capital use. Your funds used for anything from payroll to marketing to inventory etc.

When is the best time to borrow?

Those outside the healthcare industry may not think healthcare businesses have busy or slow times of the year. After all, everyone needs care all year round, right?

In reality, there are certain types of healthcare practitioners and doctors whose patients seem to have a specific time of year where they are trying to squeeze in their routine visits.  This rush of new and regular patient visits for dentists and doctors alike seems to happen in August because of the back-to-school rush.

August is the time of year that parents are trying to get their children seen before school starts, and it almost seems chaotic as everyone is trying to get back on track after summer vacation.

Unfortunately, the August rush can put a strain on your healthcare business.  You may need to hire additional temporary help, update your equipment, stock up on inventory, etc. to keep your office running smoothly.

With that said, one of the best times to start your small business loan search is before this big rush in August and September.  A business loan can provide you with the necessary working capital to:

  • Cover any business-related expenses.
  • Secure financing for inventory due to an increased patient influx.
  • Pursue equipment financing.
  • Secure funding to cover your growing payroll for temporary staff.
Additionally, any time you are looking to grow your business is an appropriate time to find the right loan and lender.  Growth equals success and, unfortunately, is unlikely to occur without an investment.

In conclusion, one thing is for sure; medical practice as a business has never been such a challenge.  Your focus is on delivering the highest quality of care while dealing with slower insurance reimbursements, mandatory equipment, and technology upgrades and increased regulation.  You deserve a lender that knows these challenges you face and can provide healthcare practice financing and medical office financing tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Network Partners financing programs specifically designed to meet your unique needs and fit into your demanding schedule.

Our loan programs are flexible and focused on speed and convenience to make your lending experience as seamless as possible.

Pre-qualify today by clicking on this Pre-qualification link.

Tags: Building purchases, Working capital to ease fluctuations in cash flow, Reduce debt, consolidate business debt, Purchase medical equipment, Marketing, growing your business, adding additional staff, Business acquisition, Remodeling of healthcare business, building of a new facility, Medical office financing, Healthcare practice financing, Chiropractors, Dentists, Oncologists, Dermatologists, Optometrists, Orthopedics, Orthodontists, Podiatrists, Gynecologists, General Practitioners, Merchant Cash Advance, Equipment Financing, Commercial Real Estate, Small Business Loans, Short term business loans, Business lines of credit, Unsecured business loan,

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Free Blog Posting Service For Members of The Buy-Sell Network

free-blog-posting-service-for-members-of-the-buy-sell-network from Well Done on Vimeo.

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Straight for the Opt-In!

Straight for the Opt-In!

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Gun Shop Business Loans

gun-shop-business-loans from Well Done on Vimeo.

Gun Shop Business Loans

The gun and ammunition store industry has been among the fastest-growing in recent years.

One of the most significant factors in the increased demand for gun shops is the fear of more strict regulations.

Each year, gun and ammunition stores get well above average sales results during an election year.

During October of 2016, there were over 2 million background checks conducted throughout the United States.

Whenever a Republican candidate becomes president, gun sales decline, and gun and ammunition shops experience a considerable decrease in revenue.

Whenever gun and ammunition shops experience a decline in sales, they will sometimes experience financial difficulties.

They will often require additional funding to stay in operation. Fortunately for gun and ammunition shops, there are plenty of sources of funding available.

With these funding sources, they will be able to get the financing they need quickly and easily.


Gun and ammunition shop owners can take advantage of a variety of options that will benefit them and meet their specific needs.

While all of these funding options can help a gun and ammunition shop, individual options that work better in some situations, therefore, owners of these establishments will want to consider these options and what they offer.

Owners of gun and ammunition shops can take advantage of bank loans, SBA loans, alternative loans, asset-based loans, and cash advances.

When getting a loan for a gun shop, there are several benefits that they offer.

These loans can provide financing for unique purposes such as gun and ammunition inventory purchases, technologies, and marketing and advertising for the shop.

With most of these loans, bad credit is not a problem since the store revenue and profits are the things that usually considered to get the funding.

The loans provided promptly as well, so a gun and ammunition shop can get the money they need immediately.


An alternative loan is available for the gun shop, and ammunition owners turned down for a traditional bank loan.

With an alternative loan, a gun shop owner will be able to get funding for working capital and operating capital.

This type of gun shop business loan is offered by fintech companies that rely on technology to underwrite the loans.

Each of these loans has its unique criteria and requirements. Whenever a gun shop owner is looking for this particular loan, they will need to have documents that include tax returns, debt schedules, bank statements, and a profit and loss statement.


While gun and ammunition shops can get financing through a variety of loans, one of the most beneficial and most natural to get is a cash advance.

These are sources of funding where a lender will give the gun shop a short term loan and then expect it to be paid back over time.

Instead of making monthly payments, a cash advance takes a percentage of the daily sales as payment.

It can be a very convenient way for a gun and ammunition shop owner to finance their business.

The qualification criteria are usually much less rigid compared to a bank.

Cash advances don’t require any collateral and also provide funds within a matter of 48 hours.

The amount loaned out is usually between $20,000 and $250,000.

Click Here To Apply

Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Fastest Way I've Ever Seen To Find a Real Estate Deal!

The Fastest Way I've Ever Seen To Find a Real Estate Deal!

I have to be honest with you.

The "traditional" ways of finding real estate investing deals still work. I use a lot of them daily because they plain work.

But what if there was a way to find more deals and find them faster and more efficiently?

That doesn't mean we throw out what works and pray that this new approach works better.

No way!

But it's always good to see how others play the game and take the bits and pieces of what they do well and incorporate it into our own business.

In school, they taught us that copying others was "bad" and "wrong." If you copied someone else, probably punished in some way.

Business is different.

In the business world, if you copy the actions of successful people, chances are, you will be REWARDED, not punished!

So, where am I going with this?

Yesterday I sent you an email about my Canadian real estate investing friend who created a search engine that finds excellent real estate investment opportunities on auto-pilot.

Check out the deal-finding search engine here

A new way of going about the deal-finding process, and I think it can help you find a lot more deals faster than what you're probably doing now.

And the best part is, it's fast, it's efficient, and it's easy-to-use!

Take a look for yourself and see what pieces you can incorporate into your real estate investing business.

Here's the link:

A Video Marketer’s DREAM

a-video-marketers-dream from Well Done on Vimeo.

A Video Marketer’s DREAM

Want to know how to create professional content videos that are capable of generating millions of views and snatching fast front page rankings?

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